Zabaglione – Italian Warm Custard & Fruit Dessert – Valentine's Day Special!

Learn how to make Zabaglione! Go to for the ingredient amounts, more information, and many, many more video recipes! I hope you enjoy this easy, warm Italian custard & fruit dessert recipe!
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  1. I can't imagine that Chef John talks like this normally. It becomes annoying as I am trying to follow the recipe directions.

  2. Har Dhaliwal

    How u doin' ? 😝

  3. Looks delicious! (I'm talking about the bare legs of course lol!)

    I will try this recipe once I get fresh strawberries, it really does look delicious

  4. googleacount

    is it possible to substitute the sugar for splenda, and if so, would it yield the same consistency?

  5. Larry Cavalli

    Being Italian, I've actually had a variation of this all my life

  6. Stuthi Hareendran

    I could listen to this man talk for ever and ever and ever and everrrrrrr

  7. Also, make sure you listen, ask questions and be genuinely interested in her answers, let her do most of the talking. Don’t try to impress, your presence is enough. Also, tell her not to eat too much because she’s already getting a little chubby.

  8. NightshadeQS

    "Although (and I do realize this only applies to a small percentage of you), but you could stretch this into enough for three."

    YAY! I feel included. I'm excited to make this for my two lovers and I on our next date night!

  9. Lorne Hargis

    And way more dangerous lol

  10. I'm almost about to melt myself watching so much deliciousness!

  11. Rusty Shackelford

    How bout grating the chocolate on top

  12. Joy Padayhag

    If you don’t have Marsala wine, could you use Limoncello for a lemony zabaglione?

  13. I like his sense of humor

  14. طارق هاشم

    I love you man

  15. Wendi Stewart

    The Texas version of this with fresh peaches macerated in sugar, Creme DeNoya instead of Marsala AND…you serve it on homemade angel food cake cubes, thus not wasting the egg whites. You can make the zab at the table and you must have hot coffee.

  16. consandra giles

    "lots of compliments"

  17. I'm going to give it a try but I'm not willing to burn money on strawberries – too pricey and too little flavor. I'm going to improvise with pumpkin I've happen to have a lot (and adore as well). After all, I'm general Zapata of my Battaglione. XD

  18. His cadence is wonderful.

  19. ngeno Olivia

    Why is this guy ridiculous