Yummy Pork Belly – Japanese Cooking Recipe – easy and delicious 簡単豚バラ角煮レシピ

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This pork belly is so yummy. Dense and concentrated sauce makes it so tasty. Japanese cooking food recipe. 簡単和食レシピ。

Substitute for Sake = White Wine
Substitute for Mirin = White Wine + honey or sugar (mirin is very sweet like candy)
Non-Alcoholic substitute for sake or mirin = apple jusice.

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  1. aloysius lim

    Thank you for the recipe! Excellent! Delicious!

  2. zero measurements

  3. if u making charsiu u need to remove the skin, just cut it off lol

  4. Kevin Wright

    Cooking sake and drinking sake is NOT the same.
    Cooking sake has salt added
    I prefer drinking sake for cooking also.
    Anglo type white wine is NOT the same as sake.

  5. Looks good! What kind of sake did you use? Here, they salt the cooking sake. I just want to know if I need to use drinking sake.

  6. demigod charles

    humba diay ang gi atay…

  7. why can't u cut the skin off if u wanted pork belly without skin ?its sound stupid .lol

  8. HighOnLifeification

    what would be served with this?

  9. Michael Morgan

    @ kajol l …….dont you DARE tell me not to eat bacon

  10. will kill ya in no time.

  11. Sambath Heng

    No! No! Mass in Lowell have food different in Asian. Vietnames, chinese, Khmer and other more.

  12. I had this lots of time in China, it's a Chinese recipe.

  13. ezjapanesecooking

    See you later, alligator!

  14. Jack Chambles

    I can't find a printed recipe.

  15. ezjapanesecooking

    Sounds perfect!

  16. Ichigo Hoshimiya

    i want to eat it!!!

  17. Yummy!! Thanks for sharing!!

  18. This is a great video – I have some pork belly, so I'll make this right now, I guess. But I'll have to use some red wine, and leeks, and maybe togarashi spice instead of the red chili. Not too much, though! Hahah. 🙂

  19. omg that looks so delicious and i want to make it but i wish i knew how much i had to put of each ingredient .

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