Yummy Eggplant Stir Fried Pork Shrimp Recipe – Eggplant Cooking With Shrimp Pork – Cooking With Sros

Hello everyone. Welcome with yummy eggplant stir fried pork shrimp recipe. Let’s enjoy together. Thank you.

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  1. Wendy Hunter

    WOW, I have never seen someone mince meat so finely with just a meat cleaver. You are so proficient with your knives and other tools. This was a great video. Thank you!

  2. alpha marine


  3. Alba Martinez

    Que Preciosura esos Perrito

  4. Francisco Ponce

    Looks good荊

  5. Cinthia Dollar

    My god! The fact that even in the rain you still filming this video for us is just so amazing thank you so much for sharing

  6. I will definitely make this dish

  7. This is not a rude comment, i watch all of your videos and enjoy them but I do have a question. Why do you add fish sauce and oyster sauce to pork? Am i wrong in thinking they have a fishy type taste? Or does it go well with the pork?

  8. Very easy and looks good

  9. Alwiz try smtg new !!
    Well done @!!

  10. Pierre Wendy

    Its not hygienic the way you taste food.. Use seperate spoon

  11. Edmondz Alicez

    Where she coming from???

  12. jethrobodine9

    You are so beautiful Sros. I love your smile. The look on your face while you were eating that food shows how yummy it is.

  13. I've eaten allot of egg plant in my life but have never seen it prepared in this manner, looks delicious and will have to try it out like this.

  14. What are the ingredients please?

  15. Great video Sros. Thank you.

  16. Rachel Bundang

    I love the combination of eggplant, pork, and shrimps. Thanks for sharing.

  17. Amelia Aceves Ortega

    Seve delicioso quiciera probarlo 莞踢莞

  18. This looks sooo yummy!!! I want yo try it. The puppy is so cute too!!

  19. Godz Daughterh


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