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Hi every one welcome to visit my channel is talk about cooking life style and Yummy cooking Pork Steamed Buns recipe.
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  1. Sasiwimol Suwanapong


  2. 中国包子

  3. There is always a rooster voice in your background randomly it come or you made it that it shows you cook in out without this voice your doesn’t need

  4. សុីផា ខែមួយ


  5. Yuliana Hernandez

    I just hate the way she eats i like her cooking bt gosh close ur mouth🤦🏻‍♀️

  6. You need to put Chinese sausage, boiled egg, and pork inside the buns. That’s good!🤤

  7. មុនដំបូងដាក់ម្សៅអី

  8. Michele Copeland

    English subtitles… Yay💞💖 thanks so much. Love watching your video's keep them coming👍👍

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    Waoo its so nyummmi big bakpaw

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  11. យើងត្រូវយកម្សៅអី?

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  14. Joyce Sanchez

    Yes…!!!!! thanks God, the ingredients are subtitled ❤️🤗… Chicas Las amo🤤amo sus comidas.

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  16. Wow,that looks Delicious.

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  18. Shaheen Shaikh

    This roll is so thick. I think it will be more tasteful with thin rolls…..

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