Yummy cooking Eggplant with pork recipe – Cooking skill

Hi every one welcome to visit my channel is talk about primitive catch and cook in forest life style.
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  1. loves eggplant…

  2. عواطف اليحيى


  3. Sayontoni Khan

    i don't like ur cooking

  4. pork eggplant, wonderful onion garlic sauce, so delicious, thank you so very much for another delicious video

  5. Alexis Castro

    It looks very delicious but I would like to know the ingredients, so we all can one day cook this lovely dish 💞. Keep up the great work! And I would also like to say that you're beautiful

  6. Reyes Salvador

    Very good food 🥘

  7. Those eggplants looks like Indians dick

  8. Maria de nazare Silva lobato

    berinjela recheada com carne de porco é tudo de bom, vou fazer.

  9. More Locations

    Suddenly I feel hungry 😊

  10. Shes cambodian or thai?

  11. adee fathoni

    Ahhh die makan bagong lagi..tambah kisuut lu neng..


    wow, it's very good, so yummy

  13. Native & Bizarre Filipino Food Channel

    Dont forget wearing your slippers

  14. Native & Bizarre Filipino Food Channel

    Looks good….

  15. survival video

    I like

  16. aleksandar pekovic

    Very nice recipe … and looks nice . Even if i am not fan of eggplants and i dont eat that .. this looks nice ..
    This is proof if you know to cook have high cooking skills you can prepare food on simple way and to looks nice and have nice good taste
    God bless you guys

  17. ye bc pta nhi kaise khaana bnate hai bina masale daale.ek sauce h inka bc vhi sabme laga laga ke yummy yummy kehte rehte h.india ka masaledar dish khaliya toh inka kya hoga

  18. Alendera Sasnawati

    nek nyuci ta bersih banget tp seng di pangan panganan haram eeee

  19. Kosto kida

  20. MegamiSama88

    Oh, look, this nasty bitch is eating something normal for once… But still eats like a cow in a barn.