Yummy cooking Bitter gourd with pork recipe – Cooking skill

Yummy cooking Bitter gourd with pork recipe - Cooking skill

Hi every one welcome to visit my channel is talk about primitive catch and cook in forest life style.
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  1. marissaguerra08

    Alot of salt there my friend

  2. 霊界大師 らすかる国王 眞魚


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  5. sreyrath hong

    Very good

  6. reconfigurine

    3:12 melts my heart every time

  7. Jules Paddio

    Ground Pepper Okra Extra Large

  8. Oof those r bitter, I hated them as a kid but enjoy them now, they’re good for ur skin and fights off acne. Other East Asian countries eat them too… although in China we call them bitter melon and looks a bit different.

  9. Watch Tam Eat

    I love this soup. My favorite

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  11. Eunseo Brasil

    😍😍😍😍 Yummyyyyyyy

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  13. Sunisa Chanthongnoi


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  15. Not yummy Beacuase not spicy i't soup

  16. ម្រះ 😋

  17. بنو أم كفشه

    قبر لفج

  18. I love when she enjoy the food And make those sexy tasty noise mmm. mmmm. mmmm 😍😍😍

  19. Majebeth Labador

    You kinda look like pre-debut Lisa from BLACKPINK. 🤗

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