Yucatan-Style Grilled Pork – Spicy Citrus Grilled Pork Recipe

Yucatan-Style Grilled Pork - Spicy Citrus Grilled Pork Recipe

Learn how to make a Yucatan-Style Grilled Pork recipe! Visit http://foodwishes.blogspot.com/2016/05/yucatan-style-grilled-pork-surrounded.html for the ingredients, more information, and many, many more video recipes. I hope you enjoy this easy Yucatan-Style Grilled Pork!


  1. Hello, Chef. Good recipe here, I think it's close to being authentic. If you want to have it closer to the authentic Yucatan style, then the achiote (annatto) must form a runny paste for the marinade. Also, the onions usually are pickled just a couple of hours before eating them, so they are soft, but crunchy in the center with still a little bit of zing from the raw onion. Thanks for sharing, really like your videos.

  2. Made this tonight, it was delicious! Thank you!

  3. so basically its mojo with a bit of spice?

  4. I'm smiling because I just made pickled onions on my own this week for using on salads, and do have a proper grill. I just will need to get some of the red stuff you have.

  5. i just fargin love this channel…… enjoyed!

  6. what's the spiciest recipe you have?

  7. Powdered what seed?

  8. You can tan too, if you take your clothes off. 🙂 I would see this as more of a technique and not a "recipe" from a specific area. I could see it as a braise with pork shoulder (butt) then grilled off. Use this as a stepping stone rather than a plinth.

  9. Brandon Darensburg

    Please be my uncle

  10. Martin Schwaab

    Love your recipes! I make them on a regular basis to please my girlfriend(She REALLY likes when Im the one cooking) and so far it has made some of the most romantic times in my life also be remembered by the food, wich makes each recipe special to me in my own way.

  11. Ryan Callahan

    John, just go buy a grill already. You need something with a lid at the very least.

  12. Bad Beast Barbecue

    Great looking pork dish Chef John!

  13. can you please do spanakopita???

  14. Ingeborg Anne Rakvåg

    A Foodwishes grilling video on anything but a brick grill would not be a Foodwishes grilling video. It's just the way it's supposed to be.

  15. "that may or not be actual Yucatan style"

    And yet people still complain that it's not authentic after he basically said he wasn't shooting for authentic. Further proof people will find any reason to complain. Pretty sure what makes cooking so enjoyable is the ability to play around and create new things.

  16. Made this, the turkish chicken kebabs, and the chicken spiedies yesterday for a barbecue. All three were a hit! Thanks for the inspiration, Chef!

  17. Lisa Condell

    Your barbecue setup looks perfectly good to me, what's not "proper" about it?

  18. Where are my pants?

  19. Fernando Sada

    In Mexico we call it "cochinita pibil", but the meat is shredder instead of grilled.

  20. The look of blood oranges looks so gross to me

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