Ingredients: (serves 4)

2 boneless / skinless chicken breasts
1 cup white rice
1 can Celery soup
1 pkt French onion packet soup mix
2 onions chopped roughly


~ Nicko


  1. Ronda Goodlet

    You are an exceptional Chef but.. this recipe didn't do it for me! I do
    understand to each their own!

  2. This also works well with pork chops… Kept me alive when I arrived in London!

  3. Meagan Dashkin

    That's not quick at all

  4. lord geoffrey

    Looks like vomit all the salt from the 2 soups ,at least break up the chicken,

  5. suzette lopez


  6. firewalkwoman

    One word: MSG

  7. Hope it tastes better than it looks.

  8. healthy? haha, that one can of Campbell you have there has ingredients inside of it that they use to make poison agents to kill anything from rats to countries. gl

  9. Michelle Hiramoto

    Will this work in a slow cooker? 

  10. "and you know if you just want a you know, healthy meal on the table" – if you consider this to be healthy, you don't know what health is. :/ 

  11. nguyendoanquy

    Like if your watching in 2015!

  12. looks like sick

  13. I think it's probably very tasty, but it doesn't look appetizing.   A little browning and sprinkling of fresh parsley or chopped green onion, snow peas…might be good.  It needs some color.  Cream of mushroom soup might also be good.  We all have our own take on your recipe.  I'll try it though, because it's a meal that I can do when I'm too busy to stand around my stove for an hour.   Thank you!

  14. Jennifer Molina

    Looks nasty

  15. Hugh pritchard

    beautiful i gonna make i another night! coz im not allowed to right now!

  16. i mad this the other day chicken,sour cream,cream of chicken,and crackers

  17. SuburbAllied

    Everything got two sides: It took him about 2 min to prepare the dish, and 2hrs to cook it.

  18. Thank you for the recipe idea Niko:) I'm going try your recipe as a good base but I think I may kick things up a notch or two;) I'll start with a swirl of olive oil in a pan and while that's heating up over a medium low heat, I'll lightly salt and pepper my skinned chicken thighs. Then I'll lightly sear these in the hot oil giving them a nicely browned look and taste:) Next I'll remove the chicken and set aside while I saute' my vegetables in that same pan. I'll cook them till they're nicely translucent. Thinking maybe some onion, green pepper and..maybe even some finely diced celery. I'll toss in some minced fresh garlic last and finish cooking all the vegetables together. Now I'll add in my soup, water and maybe instead of the all the sodium of the onion soup mix, (the soup is salty enough) I'll take the suggestions of others and add in my own spices. Perhaps a bit of poultry seasoning and some paprika..maybe even some more fresh ground black pepper. I might kick in a bit more nutrition by finally dicing up some fresh broccoli or some fresh spinach leaves. And adding it to the soup mixture. (I love to get my greens by finally dicing up fresh spinach about the size of dried parsley and adding it to whatever I'm cooking:) I'll add my uncooked rice to a sprayed baking dish just as you did, and then place my browned chicken on top. Next I'll add my veg/soup mixture. I'll cover it with foil and bake at 350 for approx one hour (browning the chicken real good will cut down on cooking time:) after one hour, I'll sprinkle with some mixed cheese..perhaps a cheddar jack combo as that's what I have on hand and for a nice crunchy topping..I'll crush up a good size handful of corn flakes and sprinkle these on top of the cheese. Lastly I'll give the whole casserole a light sprinkling of paresly for color. I'll then put the whole thing back in the oven for a good ten minutes or so to melt the cheese and lightly brown the corn flake crumbs:) Thank you so much for this great base recipe!! Can't wait to try it along with my own ideas:) You have a new subscriber!

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