Ingredients: (serves 4)

2 boneless / skinless chicken breasts
1 cup white rice
1 can Celery soup
1 pkt French onion packet soup mix
2 onions chopped roughly


~ Nicko

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  1. rahena jopri

    U don't wash the rice?

  2. IcePrincess Minji

    Dump Dinners Cookbook: Unbelievably Easy & Delicious 30-Minute Dump Dinner Recipes!

  3. Made this recipe using cream of chicken
    Turned out beautiful, rice was very nicely cooked and the chicken was not dry.
    Would recommend to anyone who wants a home made stomach warming meal.

  4. Nah…what a waste of Electricity and time 1h30 minute

  5. I made basically. The same thing expect I cooked some chicken cut it up made the rice mixed the cut up chicken and the cream. Of. Chicken. And then cooked 3 big chicken breasts. And put the whole chicken n a glass dish and pored the chicken rice and cream of chicken. Over it then heat n oven at 350 4 15 mins

  6. Christine Walton

    Instead of water could I use chicken stock?

  7. Taste great but the rice never cooks correctly this way. Boil the rice before you bake it.

  8. Cereal would be easier 

  9. frentch fries ?

  10. supersmashdragon

    could cheese be added on top? 

  11. Made this, half of the rice didn't cook. You def need more water. 

  12. Daniel Plowman

    I cooked it out of curiosity.  It was OK.  I would add a bit more water and some veggies.  Also it needs black pepper.  Other than that, it was a quick easy meal.

  13. Reminisce, ReminisceWithMe

    THANKS NICKO!! I did 1/4 if the recipe. Lined my pan with bacon. Added carrots and mushrooms. And covered the pan with foil. It cooked in just 30-40 minutes. 

  14. is there an alternative to the french onion soup thingie?

  15. that american accent in the first few words of the vid

  16. Jennifer Gordon

    Damn, that was good! The chicken so juicy the onion and yes I put some potatoes in. But however my rice just on the bottom was burnt. How can I avoid this next time?

  17. PiranhaFisher

    I appreciate easy and cheap meals (only if they're healthy) because most students and many other people need them

    And it's much better to cook instead of eating fast food everyday

    But this meal doesn't seem that tasty. Maybe healthy but not delicious

    There are many other meals that are easy, healthy and inexpensive to prepare

    And also you eat until you're full

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