World MOST RARE Vegetables!! Shimul Potato/Cassava Kebab Special Recipe Cooking For Village Kids

Most RARE Vegetables In This World!!!

I don’t know the actual name of the tree and we village people called this edible root of this tree is ‘Shimul Alu’, here ‘Alu’ means potato. Because the locally called Bombax ceiba / Red Silk cotton tree as ‘Shimul Tree’. And this vegs tree mostly look like as Bombax ceiba but this tree is very small then Bombax ceiba. If anyone know the english (other regioanl also) name of this tree, please mention in comment field, we will be very grateful.

Today, we have collected this Simul Alu tree from our next village. First we have digged the soil and collected the root and as well as full tree. Then we have cooked this vegs with a simple recipe.

We, all the village people often see the various vegetable farm, many rare tree but most of the city people may not see this beautiful village, vegetable, rice, wheat and many other cultivation field. Also the nature of village is different form another country, another village. That’s why we try to show the recipe of different item as well as try to capture various scene of village.

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Shimul Alu
Green Chili
Red Chili Powder
Coriander Powder
Turmeric Powder
Cooking Oil


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