Winter Cobb Salad Recipe – Laura Vitale – Laura in the Kitchen Episode 853

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  1. brandon sadiku

    Ive literally never wanted to eat salad so bad, this looks amazing!

  2. simplicity244

    Shes too adorable !

  3. Looks delicious.

  4. Ananda Wilkinson

    I love bacon

  5. Olga Acevedo

    You don't want to be pigish yet you grab almost all the bacon in the bowl, lol! cute~

  6. Pamela Jackson

    Check out this video on YouTube:

  7. Clarissa Davis

    wonderfull…luv it..

  8. DEEIWHy PurPle

    So that means that you like Chad!!!!!😅😅😅

  9. Glad you use proper food (Not low fat or no sugar)..Either way they are bad for you

  10. jennifer guerrero


  11. Nabiilah Bun

    tha tasting part 😀 LOVEEEE it, but i dont eat bacon

  12. GreenNastyRabbit

    lol  <3 

  13. Dear laura … What i can substitute for the "poppy seed " ?? Please please i wish you reply 😘

  14. Katrina Bautista

    Hahaha! That hand gesture after her first bite of the salad! Loveeet! You're so adorable Laura! I love your recipes! 

  15. Ariel Mulokandov

    They smell like nuts
    That's what she said

  16. Your face is beat up to a pulp! U look gorgeous!
    You're so sweet and genuine. Sending love Laura xx

  17. Dashia Green

    God bless. Perfection indeed. 👍👍👍

  18. Observer Link

    Now that looks like good COBB!!

  19. Jacqueline K


  20. I Love your mini pumkin pie and the crust is so tasty. And my kids really love it thanks Laura

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