Whole Roast Chicken Recipe – Laura Vitale – Laura in the Kitchen Episode 302

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  1. Zaphanas .Shulinsky

    should have crushed garlic with a flat side of a knife for better flavor

  2. Mia Lawrence

    I'm making this this weekend and I can't wait to do this!

  3. St. Apollonius

    Do wash the chicken in cold water before cooking it.

  4. ashraff hugh

    Check out this video on YouTube:

  5. xBeautifulxStarx

    I'm just learning for my husband and 1 year old baby girl. I tried this recipe, except I substituted the lemon for an orange because it's all we had, and it turned out absolutely amazing!!!!! Thank you so much, it's so hard to trust in recipes, if they will turn out good or not. But not only have you taught me to make my first whole chicken, you taught me sooo many more common knowledge I would have never even thought about, I'm a hero in my husbands and daughter eyes and its all thanks to you!!!!! <3 thankyou sooo much 🙂 

  6. Just tried this recipe and it came out great, chicken was juicy and tender

  7. Dario Barcenas

    Girl I like so badly your recipe, I cocked a chicken followed you and was so delicious. Your are  gorgeous and thaks for be there…

  8. Geraldine Schinzel

    I have a new convection oven and the temperature was perfect.  I will cut the time down 10 minutes though.  Not all ovens cook at the same pace.  Know that and you have a great Chicken dinner.

  9. Geraldine Schinzel

    I tried this recipe today and YUMMMY. It turned out great.  Thank you

  10. I did a modified version of this today. It was AMAZING!!!

  11. Laura , your recipe for Roasting a Chicken is one of the best on youtube , when did  a clove of garlic tasted so good. I know that cooking time will vary depending on different oven temperatures, even if  people have the best recipes , they still need to apply some common sense,  thank you

  12. Teroine Foma

    snooki, you have an amazing rack. 

    It's good quality metal, clean etc.

  13. She is so damn cute 

  14. Last time I did this, the oil was dripping a lot down from the chicken. I used butter like you did but, why did your pan didnt have that much of oil coming down from chicken!?

  15. lol her potatoes were burnt!

  16. Saleem Suliman

    this is the best one with minimal or none spice

  17. Virginia Arguilles


  18. Tatyana Kotsyubchuk

    OMG this is the best chicken ive ever made or tasted…(= Ladies go for it without a doubt…(= so so so delicious

  19. You are not going to get my name serously

    too much fat for my diet

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