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How to slow-smoke a Whole Pork Shoulder | BBQ Pork Shouler

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Slow smoked pork shoulder. For this recipe, I started with a whole pork shoulder. Today I’m smoking the whole shoulder on an Ole Hickory MM.

I start by trimming the whole shoulder from 20lb to around 18lbs. I remove most of the skin and fat and anything that is a barrier to the bbq meat.

To season this whole pork shoulder, I start with a simple AP season, apply a layer of mustard slather and finish with The BBQ Rub. Next I inject with a pork injection and allow the pork shoulder to sit out and come up to room temp for about 1 hour while the smoker comes up to temp.

I smoke this whole pork shoulder at 225-230 degrees. For a whole shoulder it takes 1hr per pound – so expect a 17-18 hour cook. I smoke the pork shoulder with hickory wood until it gets a nice bark on the outside and hits around 150-160 internal. At that point I wrap the pork shoulder and cook until it hits 192 internal.

Once the pork shoulder hits 192 internal, I unwrap it and apply The BBQ Sauce as a glaze. I allow the glaze to set on the bbq shoulder while it come on up to the 195-198 internal temp I’m shooting for.

Once the glaze has set on my smoked shoulder, it’s time to pull it and serve the bbq pork.

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    Great post!

  2. piney power (billy)

    fuck im hungry now

  3. emiliopenazepedak

    hello! i promised my family id make them a pork shoulder for christmas this week, and i had to oportunity to find a 10-12 pound pork shoulder with bone in and skin on, can you please help me?
    i dont have a smoker, is it ok if I cook it in the oven? and for how long do you reccomend?

  4. Malcom, the worst thing could have done is watch this video at 7am in the morning and not eating yet 👍🏻. That was and assume cook on the big hunk of meat! As always love watching your videos you give great tips and that helps me tweak my Smokin skills😁
    thanks again as always Happy Smokin'

  5. Great video. Do you think I could do one on my XL BGE. Also any advise on doing a fresh ham.

  6. Larry Gonzalez

    Hey Malcom great vid.
    Every Christmas I (oven) roast a whole pork leg about 18 to 20 lb, is a family tradition, always turns out nice but this year I'd like to something different.
    Since I don't have my smoker fully functional yet, will it be advisable to introduce some wood in the oven, I'm afraid the smoke flavor will stay there and spoil the cake and the bread that normally comes right after my pork.
    Any advise on that.
    PS: instead of inyecting I go ahead and create many cavities and fill them up with chunks of mandarin, pineapple and other spices mixed with red wine instead of water….. That's the way I do it.
    Greetings from Spain!


    Never trust a skinny chef lol nice vid bro

  8. lm drooling!

  9. rosi buffone


  10. Amazing video once again! Thanks you!!!!

  11. oh boy invite me over

  12. Keith In Tampa

    Fantastic video! Good lookin' hog, (and Barbeque!) This is the first video I've seen from you, and I want to see more…..Do you have videos on your fire/coals? Thanks for sharing this! I will be subscribing!

  13. Harolds Stuff

    put the meat down and pick the salad up

  14. Wish I was your friend Malcom, I'd be round your house for dinner every night.

  15. Christopher Hester

    Really enjoy watching your videos. Thank you

  16. mister smith

    Boy, I tell you what. You sure are one hell of a BBQ Technician. Great video. Thanks.

  17. Great video malcom, watched during my 13hr picnic shoulder cook. Ive done 3 boston butts and several racks of ribs on my weber kettle and each time is better than before but, the weber holds a pretty steady temp but you have to keep an eye on it and tweak the vents every hour or so, pain in the butt 😁 Id love to have a good smoker like you have but cant afford one. Could you reccomend a good budget smoker?

  18. know any good websites for purchasing meats like shoulders

  19. ok this weekend will give it a try on large BGE. how much wood do you think I should put in? should I stuff it at once or add wood during the cook?

  20. I'm more of a charcoal/wood smoker, however, I am interested in the Yoder YS480 pellet smoker. Would the Yoder be able to handle a long smoke time as this pork shoulder and would the quality / taste quality of the meat be good? And great video's, very informative.

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