What we EAT in a DAY as Victoria's Secret Models

Hey guys, Today’s video is me and Jasmine Tookes switching food for a day. We wanted to do this for so long cause we eat soooo different, so we thought it would be funny to do so. We are starting the day at Jas her house with a brekky in the backyard, followed by a workout and lunch at Gracias Madre in LA, and ordering in at the end of the day. Do you eat more like me or Jas? ❤ Hope you guys enjoy this video! X

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  1. astrid burdon

    She doesn’t like spicy but she puts pepper flakes on her avocado toast. Are pepper flakes not that spicy?

  2. astrid burdon

    The awkwardness was hitting me through the screen 🥴🥴.

  3. astrid burdon

    I would eat jasmine’s breakfast over Romee’s any day.

  4. Daniela Martinez

    Why do I feel like they didn’t eat any of their lunch food. Damn that looked sooo good! I would have finish that shit in one bite 😬

  5. just incase someone doesn't know already, you shouldn't give dogs pork

  6. The best thing was jasmine in the breakfast trying to say she liked but she hate it lol

  7. Sofi Schreil

    If I would change diet with one of them I would choose Rome for sure hahah

  8. wii3willRule

    I'm watching this video to learn how to eat more delicately and I just 😂

  9. Mallory Sweeney

    I understand these women are super models BUT STILL…HOW CAN PEOPLE BE THIS BEAUTIFUL 😫

  10. sharon ouyang

    everyday routine
    girls: eating and working out
    me: eating, sleeping, playing, repeat

  11. I mean I just want to know what sunglasses Romee is wearing…

  12. 100K Subscribers without a video challange

    trying not too get fat.

  13. Jazmine is really cute.

  14. Bahareh Aslmand

    You look like gigi hadid but not really but kinda

  15. this is literally an asmr video


    Bro have Indian food u will forget all this😂

  17. I could eat that whole chimichanga by myself. Not in proportions or anything. In one sitting. The whole thing. The entire thing.

  18. Dadolinaswing

    I love that each one of them hates the way her friend eats 😂

  19. that hair is ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🦋🦋🥰🥰✅✅✅😩😩😩😩😩

  20. romee’s fear of food and lack of knowledge of bacon stress me out