What is Jackfruit? How to make Jackfruit into Vegan Pulled Pork

What is Jackfruit? How to make Jackfruit meat into vegan pulled pork, sometimes people call it fooled pork! Jackfruit is good for so many different foods. You can use jack fruit when it is fresh for meat or you can even let it get very rip and use it for a Jackfruit smoothie! What does jackfruit taste like, well watch to find out!

I hope you enjoy my jackfruit video!!


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  1. Hobo Nichol BBQ Testing Laboratory

    I am buying you a grill / smoker. I can't let you keep on with this lifestyle lol. Looked great though. Jackfruit was in my local market this last summer, I just never bought any.

  2. Wow I never knew that ripe jackfruit can be cooked too. Learned something new and it looks delish

  3. roast your nuts! roast your jackfruit nuts i say!

  4. Gloria Perez

    You’re awesome dude! Love your personality. Thank you for this recipe, I needed to add another dish that my home menu. Happy new year!

  5. They should stick a warning label on that fruit when you buy it, i have NEVER EVER seen such a messy food, i had my hands and kitchen knife covered with that terrible latex, I was even wondering if I would have to go to the hardware store to get some paint thinner or even the hospital !!!! Wear thick gloves people, and use a knife you don't like too much…and be ready to clean a huge mess if you're not careful

  6. David Alan Goldberg

    Consider my palate quite intrigued.

  7. Lakshmi Sharma

    Raw Jackfruit is better for cooking. Ripe jackfruit may be too sweet, and is very often eaten as is, without cooking.

  8. Aril, not pod. Jackfruit or Jacfruit was used as a flavor for juicy fruit gum at one time.

  9. Worcestershire =wuss(like you wuss)-ter (like to deter)sheer(as in to sheer a sheep)

  10. Laura Hernandez

    Jack fruit is finally in my local market. I’m going to use this process for red β€œpork” tamales. Thank you for this video

  11. bryan almaraz

    How many sandwiches can u make from a jackfruit the size like yours

  12. H E Y V S A U C E M I C H A L E H E R E

  13. I really enjoyed your video. No bull shit just to the point. You have a pleasant personality. Thank you.

  14. The spices looked more like table spoons not tea spoons

  15. How many burgers does it make

  16. Jennifer Butt

    The only thing I would change is add slaw.

  17. Suhairi Mansor

    those seeds can give you some serious flatulence

  18. Swift_Wolfstar

    Try durian fruit

  19. David Sibrian

    So instead of putting it in the oven can I throw it on the grill

  20. Jose Martinez

    You cook the petals and it has to be green. Mature fruit has too much sweetness but I have to admit that it looks like you did a FANTASTIC JOB!!! πŸ˜‹