What I Ate for Lunch last week | 6 Healthy Indian vegetarian Lunch Recipes For Weight Loss | Hindi

Today I will share with you all, 6 Healthy lunch recipes in what I Ate for lunch last week. From Detox Salads to Paneer wraps to high Protein MultiGrain bowls you won’t get bored of lunch with these recipes anytime soon. These easy simple & Quick recipes will help you resist the urge to run out or order food for lunch. Give your lunch a makeover with these healthy, nutritious lunch ideas.

1. Monday Detox Salad : 00:23
2. Tuesday Barley Dal Paratha : 01:40
3. Wednesday Quinoa Rice Recipe : 3:43
4. Thursday pulao Style Khichdi: 5:52
5. Masala Paneer wrap : 8:11
6. Rajma chawal : 10:10

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