We Tried Popular Food from Brazil | TASTE TEST

We Tried Popular Food from Brazil | TASTE TEST

From perfectly cooked Brazilian steak (Picanha) to chicken-filled fried dough (Coxinha) this week’s #TasteTest is taking our staffers’ taste buds on quite the adventure as they experience the bold flavors of Brazil!

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  1. Mateus Magaldi

    Orange helps you keep eating the feijoada, it's easly one of the most brazilian things in existence.

  2. Nicolly Gacha :3


  3. Chernita Braynen

    Try Haitian (Griot, Legim ak Diri Kole avec sous pwa, Pate Kod, etc.) and Bahamian food (Conch Salad, Crab n’ Dough, Guava Duff, etc)

  4. On brazil we make feijoada on a different way

  5. É nós que manda nessa porra! 🇧🇷❤️🤣

  6. Canal Drigo Harlley

    Frango com quiabo dont have nothing with afro brazilians , hugs from Minas Gerais – Brazil

  7. Talita Bruetto

    Hey guys! I loved this video, I'm Brazilian! You gotta taste others like..
    – Vaca Atolada (jammed cow) kkk It's very good – meat with cassava and vegetables
    РAcaraj̩ (a salty dumpling made with beans with a lot of pepper)
    РCamaṛo na Moranga (pumpkin stuffed with shrimp) It's amazing with rice!!!!
    Enjoy! 🙂

  8. Antonella Cozer de Moura

    O vídeo fala sobre o Brasil e não tem legenda em português?!?!?!? O que adianta???

  9. Brazilian Kitchen

    Thanks for portraying the wide variety of Brazilian food, guys! I was salivating from the start till the end of the video!

    That feijoada was spot on, with the collard greens, orange and farofa! ❤️

  10. 0:01 the guy on left seems so Turkish 🙂

  11. Adventures of Carlienne

    ooh tasty! theres no farofa on the side of that feijoada though?!?!? missing out!

  12. I love Brazilian food and I've always wanted to go there! Great video!

  13. Greetings from Brazil.

  14. A sampling of Brazilian cuisine? How did you miss Acaraje, Moqueca and Franga a Passarinho ?

  15. 王家大绍 Chinese food

    I'm going to make a preserved egg in my next video that you don't want to eat

  16. 王家大绍 Chinese food

    I bet you wouldn't dare eat preserved eggs in Chinese cuisine

  17. Hmm, uma picanha mal passada daria bem agora 😅

  18. jefferson perpetuo

    In fact you choose the worst foods. ..brazilian cook isso more than this!try some better stuff like vaca atolada,farofa,moqueca, galinhada com pequi,pão de queijo,bauru,tucupi, cuzcuz…

  19. Omg this made me miss home so baaadly! Very well represented! Brazilian food is the best 💛💙