We Tried ALL YOU CAN EAT Brazilian Steak BBQ in Foz do Iguaçu, Brazil! 🇧🇷

An epic Brazilian Steakhouse in the city of Foz do Iguaçu, Paraná. A meal I’ll never forget! 🇧🇷

This trip was made possible by Josh from Epic Brazil Tours. All opinions are my own.

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    Deu água na boca , querendo um churras com amigos e preso na quarentena, queria saber se cumprir 1/6 Da pena já podemos sair 😂😂😂👍

  2. Charles Rocha

    Os gringos sabem mesmo aproveitar a vida !! congratulations.

  3. Wilson, o cara da voz fina.


  4. Russell Shoemaker

    Love, love Brazil!!!

  5. Jorgito Perez.

    Nice video and thanks let me know what part you went to so that way I can go also looks amazing .

  6. Devin Loaiza

    Blahahaha he say the cheese reminds him of Pao de quejo not páo de quejo. Very Different. Dick Cheese or cheese bread different.

  7. Vitor Menezes

    So interesting man actually. I live here in Brazil, You meant 'pão de queijo' I'm from where this kind of food was ultimately made, usually it is eaten in a breakfast when we're used to wake up. Nice video!

  8. Paulo Victor

    🇧🇷: Self-service
    🇨🇦: All you can eat
    (Translating English to… English lol)

    🇧🇷: Rodízio
    🇨🇦: All you can eat

    You English speaking guys don't have words to differentiate those things. It means you are missing amazing gastronomic things.

  9. Otávio Leony

    Coloca legendo em portugues

  10. In the bay area it's 60 dollars for Brazilian steak house.

    35/40 for lunch lol.

  11. Mark Colditz

    I am full just watching,,,,,,,I don't know if I could walk afterwards.

  12. Brasil O HUE

    Maaaan You Need To Go In The Region Of Baixada Santista

  13. Górdon Productions

    Aqui não tem essas frescuras de BBQ não, AQUI É CHURRASCO

  14. If you go to Brasil again visit Espírito Santo!!!! Morro de moreno, convento da Penha, pedra azul… etc…

  15. You should go to GRAMADO and FLORIANÓPOLIS the next time.
    Believe me, you will not regret that! 😉

  16. ColdHardFacts

    Churrasco is simply the best thing in this world

  17. Arthur Silva

    Hey, you've got a very good price in the rodizio. Well done.

    Hope you can have me when I went to Canada, cheers!

  18. Renan Farias

    Churrasco de gaúcho que fique claro

  19. if there is at least one good thing about brazil, it is the food

  20. Paulo Vieira

    Wanna be surprised? Go to Ilha Grande RJ 🙂