Want s'more tiramisu? Classic American dessert with an Italian Twist by So Yummy

Want s’more tiramisu? Classic American dessert with an Italian Twist!
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  1. ღAYZAGACHA ღ Gamer

    The Thumbnail looks like marshmallow cake and marshmallow lasagna 😂!

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  3. Latonya Brown

    I tried to make a cake but it was horrible


    I LOVE YOU SO YUMMY 😭💝💞💟💕💖💗💚💙❤💓

  5. MaRthaR YaaRav

    So much of foods wasted

  6. Sargis Bnyan

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  7. ORIGIN - Beauty in life

    And the once who have braces?

  8. Jasmine Trevino

    They would be lying if they said none of them ate at least one marshmallow while making the food

  9. Emelly Rivas

    I wonder where they put all that delicious 😋 food 🥘 after 🤔.

  10. Zaineb Hidoussi

    4:09 :isn't this recipe from tasty ?

  11. Tik Tok Official

    Kia yar hr video my ayk jysi hi video so yummy is to boring know

  12. grace flores

    Que ricoooooo

  13. Creative but so offensive. Viva Italy mixed with s’mores? WTF

  14. xXMlp SupremexX

    4:00 Not To Be Rude But Am I The Only One Who Thinks This Is COMPLETELY DISGUSTING!?


    Delicious 😋 yummy desserts all😍plz… Send me marshmallow…. I'm just crazy about it

  16. KaylaT Gaming

    That first one is a weird way of making tiramisu

  17. So beautiful

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  20. Иван Иванов

    I just need that marshmallow tiramisu:0