Waldorf Salad Recipe From Waldorf Astoria Hotel

Waldorf Salad Recipe From Waldorf Astoria Hotel

The Waldorf salad may be over a century old, but even today, it remains a timeless American classic. The apple and walnut salad was first created in the late 1800s at New York’s legendary Waldorf=Astoria Hotel, where it’s still the most frequently requested recipe on the menu. We stopped in to the kitchen where it all began and saw firsthand how the original Waldorf salad is prepared. See how the salad’s prepared — it’s even lighter and more refreshing than you might think! — then get the recipe.
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  1. Pixy Jes Rose Smithers


  2. scubasteve84

    Why does she keep looking at the camera unnecessarily??

  3. James Griffiths

    No! No Cheese!!

  4. Freddie Vapor

    Two screwdrivers please

    Nothing to drink?


    Well you can't drink your screwdrivers then can we.

    Vodka and Orange Juice.

    So you won't be needing the screwdrivers?

    And a couple of filet mignons

  5. He does a very nice job putting up with that headache of a "host" 

  6. This is not the Waldorf Salad we had in the 50's and 6t0's.  You can't improve on that old recipe.

  7. What is waldorf anyway? A wallnut that's gone off?

  8. i think we're all out of waldorf

  9. I've never heard of it though I remember tasting a salad including sliced apples somewhere.. possibly a pizzeria?! I just wish that presenter stop looking to the camera too much and look at her guest! That's like ABC presenting!

  10. very fancy salad.  I used to have walnut oil, or hazelnut, ran out, and truffle.  My husband doesn't like it though, the truffle one.  I do.  but who really has those fancy oils and such on hand?  No chicken here either.

  11. I want a Ritz salad !

  12. dntstopmenow

    Jeeze that presenter is just all kinds of awful! :S

  13. TheLordAtreyus

    Fawlty Towers or I wouldn't have known or cared about this salad.  Very funny episode.  Darn you Basil Fawlty, why can't you let things be?  The host was about as bland as one can be.  If you are going to sound like you are reading from a script/teleprompter I personally would rather you not try to convince me otherwise. Just hold the damn paper with your lines on it, stare down at it as if you aren't producing this for the public, and read. 

  14. Jack “The Bull” Val

    It's not an original Waldorf salad once you make a change….

  15. If you're lazy or busy, diced apple, roasted walnuts, and half fat mayo tastes really good as well, and takes about 5 minutes.

  16. Thank you for this great recipe !! I love it ….


  17. Wow… that is a long way away from the original :-o

  18. Andrew Tilston

    What is a waldorf anyway? A wulnut that's gone off?

  19. she's a little annoying but why do you feel it necessary to call her those names?

  20. Brittany Hynd

    I believe he got egg shell into the candied walnuts…

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