Very Unique BRAZILIAN BANANA Meat Stew (Barreado) + Train Ride to Morretes, Brazil!

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CURITIBA, BRAZIL: Along with eating a massive 5 kg. Sandwich the day before in Curitiba, we decided to take a historic train ride to Morretes. Morretes is a beautiful little town and happens to be known for barreado, a unique Brazilian banana meat stew. #Morretes #Brazil #BrazilianFood

Serra Verde Express – Historically it was used as cargo transportation, things grown in Morretes, to Curitiba. Now the train is used for entertainment and people from across Brazil come to take the incredibly beautiful leisure train ride for the spectacular views of the forest and mountains. The train ride was a little slow, but fun, and the views were spectacular. It took about 3.5 hours and we arrived in Morretes, a steamy jungle town.
Train ride – 125 BRL (.96) per person

Hotel e Restaurante Nhundiaquara – After walking around Morretes for a few minutes, we headed straight to Hotel e Restaurante Nhundiaquara, one of the classic restaurants serving barreado. In order to assemble a plate of Barreado, you take some meat stew cooked in a clayport, add in cassava powder, and mash it around. Then you add banana – not plantain or cooking banana – but just straight real sweet bananas. It’s very unique and unlike any other dish I’ve eaten. Overall I enjoyed it, it was simple in taste, but with the balance of salty and sweet, and plenty of different textures.
Price – 39 BRL (.66) per person

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  1. That looks nasty no disrespect i coulnot eat it.

  2. Here every uncle have their own pepper bottle. It hasnt an exactly recipe, you just do what you feel like doing and then tastes to see if it worked. Hahaha.

  3. Barreado translation would be something like mud-ish or clay-ish, because its name comes from mud/clay sand I think because it looks like a plate of mud/clay.

  4. Stefan Bäcklund

    Pleas put out videos from Uruguay

  5. Gu XAGA Lopes


  6. Ibrahim Sadikot

    why 2 different channels?

  7. Bгยnค Diniz

    Esse deve cagar brasa de fogo pelo tanto de pimenta que ele come. Kkkk

  8. ingrid jones

    That's one dish I don't think I want to try; don't like the combination.


    Keep it simple ¦ dont over do it!

  10. Brett Stanton

    Sour bitter drink and this ahol thinks its could feed this idiot a soiled diaper and he'd rave about it. This is why he has ZERO credibility as a food critic/guide.

  11. Rosemary Archer

    I love everything about this video. Hello to your wife

  12. Ammy Hideyoshi

    As a brazilian, I can attest "chimarrão" and "mate" are basically the same. We call it both on Rio Grande do Sul (state to the extreme south of Brazil) but you can't call it "chimarrão" if it's not on the gord or we'll get mad hahahaha. It's always on the gord here. The tea it's yerba mate, yes, though our plant used on the south is a little on milder side. Chimarrão is the hot version of the drink, while Tererê is cold and sweetened, usually filled with ice cubes. It's a custom to offer it for people as a sign of welcoming and goodwill. We call it differently not because of the yerba mate tea, but because it's the ritual itself. Drinking chimarrão alone is just sad.


    🤢 He has to be on camera no matter a movie star he is not


    Suppose to peel the whole banana smh messes foods up even with bananas I think he hides the flavor of foods because he doesn't like it some people dont like spicy food you slob I know he doesnt read these comments didnt even smash the banana up


    Just let the man explain it you bum looks like my dogs dog food


    He goes where no one will ever go he goes to disgusting places


    His subtitles arent matching up what does that tell ya

  18. mateus henrique

    Legends in portuguese please, i Love your videos!!

  19. Adriana Meister

    Ele come pra caramba mas até parece muito magrelo . Como assim?

  20. SentinelPrimek

    Man: slices banana
    Joel: that's so cool!

    Man, cmon man.