Vegetable Chutney| Side Dish| 6 Healthy Chutney for Breakfast

Vegetable Chutney| Side Dish|  6 Healthy Chutney for Breakfast

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Chutneys and Thuvayals:

Every day many of us have the challenge on deciding what to make as a Side dish for idly,dosa,oothappam,roast dosai, aappam, Idiyappam, chapathi, Poori, dosai,upma,Adai,Kozhukkattai,bajji, and bonda.The traditionally made Chutney like coconut Chutney, mint Chutney or Pudina Chutney, coriander Chutney,tomato Chutney and onion Chutney becomes boring after some time. Here in have given 6 kinds of vegetable Chutney.

They are tasty, healthy, economical, and make breakfast a balanced meal too. More often we have kids who don’t eat vegetables or certain vegetables. This is a good method to sneek in vegetables to kids and sometimes elders who don’t eat a particular vegetable. Sometimes we might have a few vegetables alone at home which will not be sufficient to make sambar, koottu, Poriyal. These vegetable Chutney can be made using such vegetables. Any vegetable like snake gourd, carrot, beetroot, potato,beans,can be used for making this simple Chutney.

1. Snake gourd Chutney
2. Carrot Chutney
3.beans Chutney
4. Beetroot Chutney
5. Potato Chutney
6. Mixed vegetable Chutney

Healthy cooking. Happy living.

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