Vegetable Biryani – Lunch Box Recipe – Variety Rice – Indian Rice Varieties

Very easy and simple way to make vegetable biryani..Even beginners can try this out….For more recipes visit :
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  1. keneálissan Rios

    Thank you so much for your recipes! I love to cook and definetely Indian food is my favorite! I am always going to your website to find new recipes. Thank you

  2. Punitha Robin

    Ma'am how to prepare briyani powder

  3. Sharavana Sekar

    its yummy yummy…………i like it…………

  4. cloverbabe cloverbabe

    I tried this today I added long beans and cauliflowers the gravy was all perfect I used Claypot the worst is the rice never cook it in clay pot only the gravy is advisable my rice burned and my whole briyani burned taste :(

  5. Aashay Joshi

    Hello Maam! 
    This is very easy to make ! thank you for explaining it so well.

  6. Jesmina Shiraz

    Tried it… so yummy….. keep itup

  7. devi pattanayak

    thanks friend its looks goodddddddddddddddd

  8. Bhavana Rajesh

    Hi mam I made it today it's so easy and tasty thank u keep posting more recepies

  9. sreenath recipes

    Hi Rishy…You get lot varieties in the market… You can try Eastern, MTR or Sakthi….:)

  10. Which is the best Biriyani masala powder?

  11. sreenath recipes

    Hi Vidhya… U can use garam masala powder…

  12. what masala powder should i have to use if i dont have a biriyani masala powder with me?

  13. sreenath recipes

    Hi Henaki…U r welcome…

  14. madam Thks. must Try this at home

  15. sreenath recipes

    Thank you Divya…

  16. Well explained..thanks for the recipe..

  17. sreenath recipes

    thnx dear.. 🙂

  18. Caroline26011

    susan, thanks for tips. soaking rice for 30 min prior to cooking will yield the same result as you have mentioned. moreever get a good rice quality too.

  19. Caroline26011


  20. sreenath recipes

    Thank you Susan…

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