VEGAN DINNER PARTY! • What a Spread!

Check out what we ate for New Year’s Eve… it was quite the spread with dishes from all around the world.

What was on our plate:
Soba noodles, Pad Thai, Pomelo & Coconut Salad, Vegetable Gyoza, Aloo Jeera, Potato & Mushroom Croquette, Avocado & Red Pepper Taquito, Vanilla & Mango Chia Pudding, Jackfruit & Pandan Coconut Dessert and more…

What your New Year’s resolution? Don’t have one? Why not try veganism for one month and take the VEGANUARY pledge! Impact yourself, the environment and everything around you?

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Music by
Song: Formula Fun, Haunted

Kim and Buran
Song: New Years Party by Toptygin live

VEGAN DINNER PARTY! • What a Spread!