Trying McDonald’s Breakfast & Lunch in INDIA

I just happened to stop by at a McDonald’s and realized that the menu is so much different from the McDonald’s in America and a lot has to do with the fact that they don’t serve beef or pork. So I decided to order everything and taste test it out.

This video is not sponsored and is a review.

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  1. Divyesh Mirajkar

    Finally got someone who eats more than me in McDonalds….

  2. Pubg Gamerrz

    Fuck, I'm so hungry rn here in India in lockdown now

  3. @2:10 pretty sure that guy was ready to throw down 🤣

  4. Which food you liked most?

  5. anjuzz *ARMY*

    I live in india… Still i haven't visited Mcdonald 😣😣

  6. Rakshanda Arora

    Where is this McDonald located🙄

  7. rahul jaiswal

    Whatever pictures they show is totally different in real I mean it's totally fake

  8. G_A_M_E_R HARSH

    Me to street food and non-homemade food during lockdown:- "Yaad Teri ayegi mujhko bada satayegi".

  9. Saahil Noronha

    Shld have tried peri peri

  10. メロディー中野

    so many veggie optiooooooon !!! so jealous

  11. TheFileRaider

    You look like a very young Jackie chan

  12. The McDonalds in Spain is amazing.

  13. prakyath kumar

    Is it safe to eat, fast food in the quantities that he is eating? I mean can his stomach process so much food? That too fast food?

  14. Ain't McDonalds Without Beef Burger 🐄

  15. 1:39 love it or hate it, he is spitting facts right there

  16. Alright time to go to india

  17. You accidentally got the potato version of the chatpata naan

  18. I’m sorry and no offense to some indians but everytime I see indian food I get disgusted.

  19. kobe is daddy
  20. Cambrya Bocian

    As a vegetarian I’m mad I can’t eat this in America