Traditional PLOUGHMAN’S LUNCH – Recipe

Traditional PLOUGHMAN'S LUNCH - Recipe

This is a simple, inexpensive recipe traditionally served in a British Pub. It is and excellent accompaniment to English Ale and an easy take-out meal to prepare for picnics or travel. For more recipes see the eddie j chef channel.


  1. That's not a ploughman's lunch that's just cheese sandwiches.


    He is speaking English! He is an Aussie! :)

  3. Stephen Beet

    Grams! Grams!  –  Speak English, Old Chap.  We want to hear the receipt in ENGLISH. Not foreign muck!

  4. stormycliffs

    Eddie mate are you Indian?

  5. David Knight (fixman88)

    Even though I live in the US I want to make this and give it a try! Excellent video!

  6. Don't know that i could get with the pickled onion thing. I'm not a big onion fan to begin with and having one on a sandwich makes me want to wretch. The other "salad" one looked like something I would try even though it's a little foreign. They both were presented and made well, though. 

  7. Whats a good British ale? American here.

  8. You said 'cut the cheese'!

  9. jasmine lank

    I am hungry now!!

  10. chuggaaaa898989890-0-0-0-0-

    he really likes his cheese. 

  11. Marie Shanahan

    Looks great!  I think that I might be able to get pickled onions in the USA from  Love this recipe.  Visited England once 25 years ago and I know that I left a piece of my heart there.  Recipes like this still make me smile till this day.  Thank you. :)

  12. Kevin Proctor

    Definitly a rush job no pork pie or branstone!Sooner have bread to make a bug salad sandwich!Also crumbly Cheshire cheese!Those mice would have a field day!

  13. How about some delicious Branston Pickle on dat sanger? :D

  14. Samuel Moehrke

    can I ask why you were showing the rashers and you didn't use them?

  15. Charles Jenkins

    A TRADITIONAL ploughman's lunch is ENGLISH and it is of 'a hunk of crusty bread', a large piece of aged cheddar cheese with or without a pickled onion. No egg. No cucumber. No lettuce. It was eaten in the field by the farmer and the farm workers. Nothing fancy yet delicious even today ESPECIALLY if it is not tarted up. Drank with ENGLISH beer.

  16. Are you Australian or British?

  17. This looks great! Next time I visit your fair country I'll order this. And with cumumber!

  18. MyOldLondonFoods

    Everything looks so delicious!

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