Traditional Brazilian Meals Traditional Brazilian Meals.


  1. strawberriesapples

    He ate what we usually call here "Romeo & Juliet", which is a piece of white cheese with a piece of goiabada! Very good! πŸ™‚

  2. that's guava jelly. the portuguese dish is quince jelly (mermelada) still made in portugal, southern italy, southern cone countries etc. Guava is a nice equivalent for quince in tropical countries like brazil or the phillipines.

  3. Fruits are also fantastic, they are very juicy here in Brazil

  4. Valeska Martins

    Hi, do you intend to come back to Brazil??Β 

  5. Adriano C. Ribeiro

    Farofa is flour from the manioca root and goiabada is made out of the guava fruit.