Tour of Manaus, Brazil – Biggest City in AMAZON RAINFOREST | Wild Fruit, Attractions, and Dinner!

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MANAUS, BRAZIL – From Belo Horizonte, we flew to Manaus, a city in the State of Amazonas, which is in the heart of the Amazon Rainforest. It’s the biggest city in the Amazon, and it’s surrounded by massive rivers and jungles. I was so excited to be there. We landed in the mid-afternoon, so we just had a few hours to walk around and explore, and get our first impressions of the Amazon. #Manaus #BrazilianFood #Amazon

Mercure Manaus Hotel – Thank you to Mercure Manaus Hotel for hosting all of us during our stay in Manaus, and for the amazing dinner.

We first drove to the market where we sampled a few local fruits. Most of the fruit stalls were closed, but a few were open and mainly we tried Cupuaçu and a type of wild passion fruit.

Amazon Theatre – One of the most important landmarks and sights of Manaus is the Amazon Theater, a beautiful theater in the middle of the city.

Restaurante Canto da Peixada – I wanted to try a local freshwater fish dinner before going back to the hotel, so we stopped to eat a grilled tambaqui, one of the prized fish of Manaus, Brazil. It was delicious. Total price – 89.70 BRL (.96)

Dinner at Amazon Restaurant at Mercure Hotel Manaus – Finally we were invited for dinner back at the hotel where they prepared us an amazing Amazon meal including a huge mix of dishes. I didn’t even know I was digging into the piranha soup, and it was so good. Freshwater turtle is also a major part of the Amazonian food diet.

It was a great few hours and my first impressions of Manaus, Amazonas, Brazil.

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