Toucan Brazilian BBQ Buffet Festival Mall Alabang | Churrascaria Manila

Toucan Brazilian BBQ Buffet Festival Mall Alabang | Churrascaria Manila. Toucan Brazilian BBQ Buffet at the Festival Mall was opened in February 2019 by Chinese Mongolian Chef and entrepreneur Mr. Gan. The traditional South American Style Churrarscaria or Barbecue is served Rodizio style where waiters serve a plethora of barbecued meats from large skewers directly onto the seated diner’s plates. We have dined at quite a few Churrascaria’s in Brazil and Argentina and thoroughly enjoyed this carnivorous experience and glad that the concept has been brought to Manila.

Toucan’s buffet is simple, they have a small buffet setup for hot
entrees and side salads, refreshments and dessert station, alcoholic beverages are an extra charge. Then a chef or waiter will come to your table and offer a selection of different cuts of beef, chicken, pork, shrimp as well as bananas and pineapple. We would highly recommend the chicken thigh, shrimps, veal, sausages, Australian Sirloin, Pork Belly and the Picanha. For dessert they have grilled Pineapples, Banana and Ice Cream.

Toucan Brazilian BBQ Buffet Restaurant
Festival Mall Alabang
Tel: (+632) 820-4433
Operational Hours: Daily Lunch 11AM – 2PM Dinner 5:30PM – 9PM

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  1. Robinson Crusoe

    Well, looks like 40% brazilian and 60% asian but looks delicious. Picanha please!

  2. Make America Great again

    Omg that porkbelly looks marvelous !!!

  3. There are talkies now. Before it used to be just clips

  4. made me hungry damn

  5. It’s like a NYC styles steakhouse buffet. πŸ™‚ So yummy!

  6. Great video! Whoa that shirt is on fire! 😎

  7. πŸ’― loved this.
    All yummy . I partial to shrimp. I think you were in heaven with the Australia Sirloin.
    Good restaurant another on the bucket list to visit.

  8. Wow very nice… from India

  9. liza de lima

    Hm per head ?

  10. wow another satisfying restaurant thumbs up lourd!.


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  12. Johnny B.Goode

    Johnnybgoode says you guys pick awesome places to dine, that was an interesting video fresh food I'd say?

  13. Justin Charles

    Wow I just had Brazillian here in California and it was $60 after tax and tip. I cant wait to visit the Philippines and eat!

  14. jim surfnfish 808

    Wow! Those roasted meats looked perfectly cooked, the guy slicing was very hospitable, his cutting arm would be tired after a night with me, for dessert I'd have more meat!πŸ˜… good stuff, thanks for sharingπŸ‘πŸ»