Top 7 Tasty Desserts Recipes | Best Desserts Recipes And Cake Proper Tasty Facebook #425

This video has 7 recipes that I try collection for all of you and I hope all the recipes you want to try

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  1. Andrea Garcia

    Del 1

  2. زنوبه ماجد


  3. ฟารี ดะ


  4. سجاد جميل


  5. 7:13 in my country, the ingredients to this cake would cost around 45$…
    Why the freak would i make a cake from expensive ice cream sandwiches instead just eating them?

  6. In our country the first thing we call it cream carmel

  7. Padao Keidao

    I want to eat all but i can never eat cause they did not sale that kind of delecious things in our state😡😣😩😓😓😓

  8. Yummmmmmmmmmmy☺😊😀😁😯😃😄😉

  9. عبوسي الاسدي

    Keor zejpofkgn

  10. خالد سالم


  11. ItzGachaGang

    On our country (the first one) that thing is called Leche Flan

  12. Tastyyyyy nice👌👌😍
    Eggs are necessary to make these recipies??

  13. Wow

  14. Victor Valencia

    really a bloody yolk WTF EEWW

  15. Tanzeel Abdulaziz

    Aren’t these tasty recipes

  16. Orania Montes

    The 1st one is called Flan 🍮 💕

  17. Great to look at but, sugar, butter(even artificial color) overload is 👎👎

  18. I don’t have powdered sugar, or cream cheese, or ice cream

  19. matias insaurralde


  20. Good recipes