Top 6 Hello Kitty and Friends Bento Lunch Box (Kawaii Recipes) | OCHIKERON | Create Eat Happy :)

Most Popular Sanrio Character Bento Lunch Box (Kyaraben) Ideas 💕

Hello Kitty
My Melody
Kero Kero Keroppi
Pom Pom Purin
Kiki Lala (Little Twin Stars)

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  1. so cute! I was watching some of your old bento videos last night, and it would be great if you had a playlist with all your bento videos and the dishes you can put in bento. Maybe I should compile it 😁

  2. Can you link the bento boxes you used?

  3. I love to make Kawaii-themed bento lunchboxes!💖💜

  4. Candy Rose Dollente

    Should get more:


  5. que hermoso!!!

  6. これは精密なレシピ!何回か別の言い方で言って貰うか、何回か再生リストで見ないと直ぐには出来そうにないレシピw

  7. 😃😻

  8. So cute! You did such a wonderful job with this 😍 love your videos!

  9. If only I could cook 🙁

  10. Jack Flanders

    A longtime ago I lived near Sanrio Puroland. I never visited but it was very popular.

  11. Eliane Winter

    So lovely and delicious 💕

  12. Scott Hunter

    They're just too cute to eat! Seeing how much effort you put into it, I would just feel bad eating it. Great job!

  13. Mega cute I make all of them I even didn't know that there this kind of bentos too. Amazing.

  14. It’s all so cute and creative! Enjoyed watching this from a stressful day at work. Thank you for this video and all the effort you go through!

  15. Elizabeth Meyers

    Hello ochikeron! Have you ever heard of shirataki noodles? I recently went on a low carb keto diet and it would be fun to see you include them in any recipes, since they’re essentially zero carbs and zero calories. If you have any videos already with the noodles I’d love to watch them. Cheers! I always love your videos, especially bento ones like these 😊

  16. I wonder how many people know the company name "Sanrio" for these cute characters. When I was small, I didn't know it, even the puroland did not exist. haha

  17. Jenna no Manga

    I want to try to make more character bento for my daughter but husband actually made the bento ^^'

  18. Rebecca Estrada

    Cutest things ever!! I had done your Olaf bento from many years ago and will try and do some of these too! Love our videos and enjoy each new one

  19. So so so cute!!! If only I had the patience to do this. 🙄