Top 15 Indian Vegetarian Dinner Recipes | Healthy Recipe | Veggie Food

If you are one of those many fussy and picky eaters, vegetables are certainly not your cup of tea. However, eating vegetables gives you plenty of health benefits, and findings of latest studies also corroborate the theory. Even the not so appealing veggies can be turned into sumptuous delights, which will leave you licking your plate clean!

1. Dal Methi:
This Indian delicacy is by far the most popular dish that is relished by young and old. Easy to make and appealing to the taste buds, this is one delicious lentil recipe you can have with either roti or rice.

2. Palak Chana Dal:
Green leafy vegetables when consumed in the right quantities enrich your body and boost your immune system. And if you think greens are too bland to your liking, it is time you try this piping hot dish! This is a Maharastrian culinary delight that can be best enjoyed with rotis at dinner.

3. Aloo Gobhi:
Potatoes make a great snack, and delicious curries. Not only are they simply heavenly to taste, they also are filling and make a great meal. This is one easy to make vegetarian recipe, popular mostly in North Indian states. It is usually served with rotis or parathas and can also be eaten with a bowl of steaming hot rice.

4. Bhindi Masala:
A flavour packed okra dish, this recipe takes away the sliminess of the vegetable and can be easily made at home. Cooked in spices, just the aroma of this dish will make you excited in anticipation to savour this popular north Indian delicacy.

5. Jeera Rice:
For all those of you who cannot go to bed without a filling meal, this is a must try recipe. This delicious rice dish is a staple dinner in many households and goes well with most gravies and curries.

6. Aloo Matar:
Aloo matar can be made both dry or in a gravy forms. This can be best served with both rice and rotis. This is a perfect fusion of aloo and matar. This is a classic recipe that you should master. This spicy north Indian dish is easy to make and tastes best with parathas and rotis.

7. Matar Paneer:
This is a classic and traditional North Indian delicacy, which is now savoured by Indians all over the country. A gem among the Indian recipes, this dish with an exotic aroma can satiate your hunger.

8. Aloo Patta Gobi:
Aloo patta gobi is one of the easiest vegetarian Indian recipes for dinner that is totally effortless and can be put together on a day when the refrigerator is empty of veggies. If you want your ‘maa ka haath ka khaana’, try this power packed recipe that can be made the dhaaba way at home.

9. Baigan Ka Bharta:
Bring in a new scrumptious flavor into the not so appetizing aubergine, with the blend of spices and your touch. To make this yummy dish you will need a mid-sized eggplant or baingan.

10. Tomato Rice:
If you wish to put a hearty smile on the faces of your family, this is a must-try recipe. You can serve this dish with several vegetarian or non-vegetarian side dishes.

11. Moong Dal Khichdi:
Lentils have never been this tasty! A dish that even your children will be licking away. This healthy and yummy recipe is ideal for monsoon nights in combination with fried potato and papads!.

12. Lemon Rice:
Here comes one of the most common south Indian vegetarian dinner recipes. The leftover rice in your house need not go to trash any more. The sourness of the Indian lime when subdued with curry leaves and seasoning makes a delicious aromatic rice preparation that goes well with many other side dishes.

13. Coconut Dal:
A mild yet flavorsome variation of the regular dal tadka, this delicious dal preparation is ideal for serving guests at dinner.

14. Kaddu Posto:
If you are hosting a party at home, try this rare but delicious poppy seed dish that is sure to win you compliments. Though this may take a few trials before you master it, you can be sure that your guests will be spooning away in delight.

15. Methi Pulao:
Last one, but certainly one of the most tried and tested Indian vegetarian recipes for dinner, the Methi Pulao is a winner on dinner tables. Serve it with any vegetarian or non-vegetarian dish.
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