This NYC Restaurant Is Hidden in a Freight Entrance

This NYC Restaurant Is Hidden in a Freight Entrance

Psst… We’re about to tell you about one of New York City’s hidden gems. It’s the Acuario Cafe, and you’ll find it in the Garment District on 37th Street. There’s no sign outside—you have to walk through a nondescript freight entrance to visit this tiny Latin American restaurant. Rodolpho Perez runs the neighborhood joint, and he takes care of his customers like family. For just , you can get a hearty plate of pollo guisado and other delicious Dominican dishes. Let’s lunch!


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  1. $5 for THAT much!?!? WOW!!!!!!!

  2. Hunt productions

    Hidden Restaurant: ha they'll never find us!
    Great Big Story: I'm about to end this whole mans career

  3. Man look like a mob madter
    But man's heart ❤️ pure
    This is the definition of don't judge a book by its cover

  4. Kermit Master Dog

    he looks like the rock johnson lol

  5. Shadow_Hunterz Gaming

    I feel bad for that dude now because he might have the coronavirus. Also, he cant go to his restaurant probably.

  6. Mark Norville

    I was shocked when I heard him say that he has a wife, especially the way that he was dressed. However, I have to say that the food looked delicious.

  7. Well I’m sure that this place will still be a secret after this video.

  8. naveen kumar

    If i ever visit NY, I’m sure trying this.

  9. All the Mexican que no le echan lonche

  10. Trance Trance 2


  11. Giorno Giovanna

    Sure this is delicious but ain't any of you gonna talk about the dude with the airpods

  12. McDonald's charges more for trash

  13. Smaller the kitchen the better the food

  14. Mr.Clean runs business now eh?

  15. wiji al jawi

    In Indonesia, this type of restaurant is called Warteg

  16. Utopian Audio

    Next time I'm in NYC I'm going there.

  17. Akasia Media

    And then everything is changing when the fire nation attack

  18. Gautami Singh

    Owner looks like a Mexican mafia….

  19. Lionel Games


  20. He should sell seating in the restaurant