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  1. Some of these recipes look like they want to kill us

  2. I bet the first one is so dry. He could've atleast top it with ice cream to counter

  3. never ever watch this widow if ur starving to death 💀

  4. aafster life

    Best music.

  5. My name is Bob

    Can you make me a cocaine-stuffed teramisu cake?

  6. make this blue if you're really hungry now 🎂

  7. Someone Strange

    Oh no

  8. Who else loves watching these but never makes?😂

  9. Charlyn Machiri


  10. Charlyn Machiri


  11. Christopher Machiri


  12. Dimagrimento Dietiziano

    Hello random person scrolling through the comments…. Hope you have a great day


    We are hungry now give us some food

  14. Khamari/and Shariya gang Ayy

    How to get diabetes part 1

  15. Sunil Sehgal

    I really enjoy making most tasty's desserts my family and friends love them and I will make again

  16. How does that brownie cheesecake thing not get overbaked? Especially the brownie crust

  17. Today, I had an amazing idea to search up “Tasty desserts” while I was fasting.

  18. Aurora Marianini

    I'm starving and of course I had the brilliant idea to watch this videos😣

  19. The oreo cake will remain number one dessert forever

  20. Hana Bajrami

    whos watching this while fasting lollll