The BEST Raw Vegan Salad Dressing + My Favorite Salad RECIPE

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Dressing Ingredients

1/2 C Tahini
3/4 C Water
1 Garlic Clove
Juice 1 Lemon
1 Tbls Maple Syrup
1 Tbls Apple Cider Vinegar
1 Tsp Coriander Powder
1 Tsp Cumin
2 Tbls Hempseeds
1 Tbls Sesame Seeds

Salad Ingredients

1 Bunch Spring Greens
1 Heart of Romaine
1/2 Zucchini
1/2 Cucmber
1 Small Carrot
Handful of Fresh Cilantro
1 Small Avo or Half A Large
A Few Tbls of Raw Sauerkraut

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  1. Gregory Hall

    I didn't see how you made the creamy stuff before you started putting the individual ingredients into the blender.  Was that the Tahini.

  2. Colleen Patrick-Goudreau (Joyful Vegan)

    Love it. 🙂 :)

  3. Lynette Gayle

    I do not want to cook, I want to buy without having to prep foods and buy all the spices etc. I just would like to be able to go to the store and buy it already made. Do you have any kind of store list I can go buy.

  4. Scot Campbell

    I bet it's wonderful in wraps!

  5. Diane Finken

    Ugh, could not hear the video the music was too loud!

  6. Yummy dressing recipe. Thanks.

  7. omg i just realized ive been putting my lemons into my lemon strainer the wrong way. damn.

  8. What a great idea!  I never thought of putting sour kraut on salad.  Looks delicious….thanks!

  9. Tamara Rogers (Lyoness IBR)

    That looks awesome!

  10. Nicole Judah

    You just given me some great ideas..Thanks

  11. I'm the same way with zucchini! Can't eat it any way but shredded. 

  12. Goatess Cronasianne

    This looks absolutely gorgeous and must be delicious. Can't wait to stop juicing and attack it. 

  13. Cleopatra Philopater

    Hi, I love the way you do your salad…did you perhaps do this on a "cosy" winter day, hehe…

  14. Nomad Patriot

    Sour kraut is cooked…fail! Would have been better to focus on the dressing rather than watching you chop shit for the salad.

  15. Tracy Lyn Turner

    Was that paprika in with the spices as well?

  16. Aisha Ponders

    This has really inspired me to eat a big bowl of salad, thanks! :)

  17. Savannah Lyn

    What camera did u get :}!

  18. Its nice to see that you're not afraid of eating fat! Eat them avocados and hemp seeds and tahini, they're good for you!

  19. Kathryn Polster

    This salad looks epic!

  20. Hey what type of camera were you using. It looks so sharp,

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