Thani Nadan I Ep 47 Part 2 –Tharavukari & Pork Ularthiyath Recipe I Mazhavil Manorama

Recipe 1 – Tharavukari

duck – 1 kg
onion (sliced) – 4 nos
ginger-garlic-green chilly (crushed) – 2 tspn
garam masala powder – 1 spn
turmeric powder – 1/2 spn
pepper powder – 1 spn
coriander powder – 3 tbspn
coconut milk – 1 coconut
vinegar – 1 1/2 spn
potato – 1/2 kg

1.Heat oil in a pan.
2.Saute ginger-garlic-chilly paste.
3.Saute onion until the raw taste changed
4.Add coriander powder, turmeric powder and garam masala powder. Saute well.
5.Add duck into it and mix well. Cover and cook until 5 mins.
6.Mix well with pepper powder.
7.Pour coconut milk. Covered with lid then, allow to boil.
8.Cook till duck is half done, add potato into it cover and cook.
9.Add vinegar and first coconut milk. Turn off the stove before its boil.

Recipe 2 – Pork ularthiyathu

pork – 1 kg
onion (sliced)
chilly powder – 1 spn
garam masala powder – 1 spn
coriander powder – 2 spn
turmeric powder – 1/2 spn
ginger (sliced) – 1 spn
green chilly (sliced) – 2 nos
lemon juice – 1/2 lemon
salt – as required
shallots -10 nos
garlic (sliced) – 5 nos
curry leaves – as required

1.Marinate the pork with salt and lemon juice for 1/2 hours.
2.Combine ginger, green chilly, turmeric powder, coriander powder, garam masala, chilly powder and onion.
3.Cook with adequate water in a pressure cooker until 4 whistle.
4.Heat oil in a pan
5.Saute shallots, garlic and curry leaves until turn brown colour.
6.Add chilly powder and turmeric powder. Saute well.
7.Transfer the pork into it and mix well.
8.Mix with fried coconut.

* Fry shredded coconut with masala powder and just crush a second.
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