Thai Prawn (shrimp) cooked in Lime Juice & Salad Recipe

Thai Prawn (shrimp) cooked in Lime Juice & Salad Recipe

Duncan shows you how to make a Thai prawn salad, this dish is a little different as the prawns are cooked in the lime juice and served with bitter melon. Filmed on location in stunning Hua Hin Thailand.

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  1. toddyozzy Metallica

    แซบ แสบดาก

  2. danuh phantaphak


  3. livelaughlove

    Bitter gourd in prawn salad?! Erm… Not sure how that would b

  4. Hello Duncan,
    What kinds of prawns can I get in melbourne to make this awesome dish? Like banana prawns? King prawns?

    Thank you :)

  5. Duncan's Thai Kitchen

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