Thai Food – Pork Curry Recipe, Chiang Mai dish

Duncan Robertson learns how to cook a local Chiang Mai dish with Siripanna Resort manager Manus. This wonderful dish has a strong Indian influence with the use of Indian curry powder. The dish uses 2 cuts of Pork and is a sensation. Many thanks to the talented Manus for sharing his recipe with us. Please like, share and subscribe if you enjoy our videos, thanks.
Duncans interactive cookbook from series 1 is available here on ibooks

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  1. Hi, just wanted to comment you probably won't see this, but.. im just so proud of people out of Thailand are so passionate about Thai food.. i grew up eating only Thai food and i can't imagine my life without it.. you are doing the right things and saying the right things. Its like hearing my father speak to me about cooking Thai. Thank you i look up to you! Love

  2. david indonesia

    Is the red paste a curry paste/shrimp paste? How to make that?

  3. Chutima Sooksena

    Oh, I love Ching Mai food. I miss Thailand :'(

  4. great stuff!

  5. Pattarakamon Tianchai

    Lööks Yummy.

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