Thai Basil Pork Recipe

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♥ Thai Basil Step-by-Step Written Recipe :

Thai Basil Pork Recipe

♥ Thai Basil Ingredients:
8 oz. Ground or minced pork, chicken, beef, or tofu (mushroom would be good too)
4 Cloves garlic
5 Thai chili (add less if you like mild)
2 Cups Thai sweet or holy basil (Approximately 2 to 3 oz.)

For the Sauce
2 Tbs. Thai fish sauce
1 Tbs. Thai dark sweet soy sauce
2 tsp. Sugar

Cooking oil
1 Egg
Lime wedges

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  1. Chentri Jivit

    omg… where have you been all my life?

  2. pad gra prao kai dao……………….. DELICIOUZZZZ

  3. thaddeus FrankenCow

    fuck yea this food is fucking amazing. and soo easy to make

  4. Ping Yun Fang

    just want to ask what happened to the restaurant that you won before in a cooking contest? by the way I love your recipes esp. the steamed bread recipe it is very delicious and easy to make. 😊😊😊

  5. Cooking this now! Looks delicious.

  6. Ramesh Jutiapilertlak

    I crap my hands to you for this dish ,you get the trick how to make it that is yoir style and base on the right step .

  7. Subaru Sumeragi

    1:39 lol

  8. Wanna try this tonight for dinner

  9. polaroidsfrommarss

    I made this today except I subbed the thai basil with cilantro, it was DELICIOUS! Thank you for this

  10. U Re AweSome, don stop and teach me (newbies) more,cheers……

  11. yum! could you show us how to make "Chicken Karaage"  pls thanks

  12. Jimmy Cooper

    Added recipe to my home cookbook I wanna eat it now and serve it to my family easy fast meal

  13. Rob “Beatdown” Brown

    Oh maaaan. This looks deeelumptious! Thanks for the recipe! Definitely making this one. :)

  14. ChellySweets

    I love your recipes! You make my kitchen 😃with amazing Asian meals. Can i ask, where did you get the wooden spoon? I've been looking all over and online but had no luck😞

  15. Carole Kinnear

    i made this this weekend, wow! Thank you.

  16. It's the recipe from the Pok Pok cookbook ;)

  17. Wow. It's so simple to make with this recipe.

  18. If she was my mother, I will never stop eating her food. It looks soo good😋😋😋

  19. looks delicioussss

  20. wah k paw luv korea

    look so easy!!!!

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