Texas de Brazil for Lunch

Texas de Brazil is a meat lovers dream come true. We had lunch at the one in Memphis during their 1/2 price lunch period.
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  1. Wagner CorrΓͺa

    I loved this video!

    This restaurant is a cheap gimmick of competitors. Not only is the food sub par but the service and management are horrible even compared to fast food restaurants. This place makes mcdonalds looks like good. If you want some nasty overpriced food poisoning, Texas de brazil is your best bet!!!! Also you better bring cash because they will literally break your debit cards then blame you for it! All in all, I would rather there be another holocaust than have to go to a Texas de brazil again and relive that hell of a next day over the toilet.

  3. rolas bolaΓ±os

    U just walk in to the restaurant or u need to do a reservation πŸ€”

  4. I have been here before it’s amazing

  5. In Canada we tip 20-25% typically. Of course wait staff are getting $15/hr too.

  6. They are saying meat heavy low carb diet is good for you.