Sweet and Sour Pork Recipe – Sweet and Sour Pork Tenderloin

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  1. Sweet and Sour pork without breading, and a genuinely good sauce. Thanks, been trying to find this kind of recipe.

  2. princessrose17

    Your sounds good, (and i love your recipes) but you need to try my family's version. Like yours it is not fried but ours is a bit healthier and even simpler to make then yours! Would love if you did a video of mine. Just let me know if you want the recipe!

  3. I souped it up a little, with some chunks of green pepper and white onion- the sauce, everything- outstanding! Thanks for this!

  4. Kevin Walter

    Gotta cook the pork more.

  5. Great for left over pork loin, very quick with store bought sauce and egg noodles instead, just added pineapple juice like you did.

  6. The Coin Alley

    I like using boneless pork ribs with my version. It comes out great.

  7. Andrei Aldwaikat

    The recipe is missed…

  8. Mournful Walrus

    Made this one tonight, it tastes pretty damn close to the Chinese places around here, wow!

    also, little bit of cornstarch to thicken up the sauce for our preference, worked as a simple addition

  9. Made this for lunch today. Didn't have pineapple chunks so I just used some apple juice instead and it came out great. A+ from me!

  10. But Chef John, I like dayglo! LOL

  11. Samuel Greenrod

    Can you get a good sear on a non stick pan or would the non stick prevent searing?

  12. Nigel Johnson

    Looks great, but pork in many countries needs cooking properly, not all pork is raised to European and American standards. If you want pink pork, make sure its from a high standards nation. Although why anyone would like raw meat, no idea.

  13. ʕ´•ᴥ•`ʔ

    I think adding chunks of mixed peppers, onions and mushrooms makes it lovely.

  14. Guitar Player

    I add bell pepper to mine, try it.

  15. Nigel Johnson

    Is pink pork safe in asia?

  16. Serhiy Pazelskyy

    I cant seem to find your version of General Tso's … Am I just blind or may be you have forgotten the classic? )

  17. Eliot's Vlog

    I think I found all the recipes you have for pork chops. I will try this. 🙂

  18. Jerry JerryW

    This is really good, just added minced ginger to the sauce…its got layers of good flavor, he says its weird but I really liked this a lot…I have cooked his pork dishes and never had a bad thing to say about them….this guy is really a great find.

  19. twisteddiana

    Just cooked this. It's interesting to say the least.
    I think I got it little too sweet (just a little). Anyway, will make it again till I get it perfect.

  20. I just found this video posted on a channel called "Hungry Nation". They acknowledged it as yours but did they get your permission to repost?