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These adorable sushi sandwiches are easy to make and are so fun for school lunch! The best part is the filling it totally versatile; you can use anything you want!

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Sushi Sandwiches – Easy School Lunch Recipes – Weelicious

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Video by Mike Ervin
Music by Beth Weber
Video Rating: / 5


  1. Jessie Pearson

    That recipe looks awesome!

  2. Thank you so much. Such a great idea!  
    I've only noticed that you don't show us how it looks like on the dish ; >>> Please show us how you serve it eventually

  3. Maria Magdalena

    U copied 1potchef 

  4. PickMyTime CounterClockWise

    i love you mom!

  5. Miranda Hernandez

    I'm going to try it with cream cheese and cinnamon an honey 

  6. coolstorybro9000

    This video is really cool, I liked the part with the recipe.

  7. Easy way to make sushi, instead of trying to mess with messy, sticky rice..
    You could also put tuna, with avocado, or other stuff. :)

  8. I tried this recipe out with the exact same fillings and my, my, my, it was DELICIOUS! Way better than a regular, boring sandwich. 

  9. Next time tie ur hair. U touch ur hair n touch the food is jus so nasty 

  10. ok im useing my brothers account but i am so going to try it

  11. beautiful and innovative white girl ;)

  12. This is our "go-to snack" every alternate day. We use almond butter, cream cheese and sunflower butter. Thank you for your ideas . 

  13. Jennifer Strong

    I like doing this with banana and peanut butter.

  14. Mariam Ashraf

    It doesn't look like sushi

  15. Sona Hakobyan

    I can't explain how much I ❤️U

  16. this is such a cute idea!

  17. Misa Goodfellow

    That looks delicious!!! Can't wait to try!!! Ty!!

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