Super Easy Taiwanese Braised Pork Rice Recipe 台湾卤肉饭 Chinese Pork Recipe • One Dish Meal

Braised pork rice (Chinese:卤肉饭; pinyin: lǔròufàn) is a popular rice dish commonly available throughout Taiwan. While the flavor of this dish may vary from one region to the other, the basic ingredients remain similar such as minced pork, soya sauce and served on steamed rice. This dish is so easy to cook and technically you can just prepare this one dish and your meal is settled.

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Serves 5 – 6

500g of pork belly
1-2 tablespoons of cooking oil
70g of shallots – chopped
2 cloves of garlic – chopped
8 pieces of dried mushrooms – diced
1 teaspoon of five spice powder
A few dashes of white pepper
1/2 cup of white rice wine
1/3 cup of low sodium light soya sauce
1/3 cup of premium dark soya sauce
15g of rock sugar
700ml of chicken stock
4 hard boiled eggs – optional
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  1. 爱看古装剧

    i tried several 卤肉饭 mostly the gravy turned into oil after cool down. But this, its heaven, I couldn't believe that I could actually made such good 卤肉饭, even better than some stalls!

  2. Dark soy sauce is it the sweeter version?

  3. 大爱,谢谢!

  4. And also, can I substitute the rice wine for sake? That’s the only thing I have right now in my pantry 😖

  5. Hiiii can you show us tips how to sharpen your knife? 🙂

  6. This dish is similar to one of the famous Vietnamese pork dish. But I will give this a try. Looks super delicious!

  7. Hi, tried cooking your 卤肉饭 today. It's so delicious 😋 that my family give me a 👍. All thanks to you for sharing your video to us. Thank you very much!!🙂🙏

  8. What kind of mushroom is that?

  9. Excellent job on this. Thank you for sharing.

  10. I'm hungry

  11. My favorite in beef mince that I used to cook



  13. Anna Inspain

    You're wrong about olive oil spoiling nonstick pans, and also about the "low burning point" of olive oil. But that's understandable, you grew up using vegetable oils that weren't olive oil. You can't be expected to know. Those of us who grew up using olive oil know that it's used in frying things every day, with no ill effects. Just don't believe everything you're told, is all. People have been frying in olive oil for thousands of years.

  14. His English is very hard to understand completely

  15. is this flavor similar to Din Tai Fung's 'minced pork noodles' the sauce they use there? Or this this a total different flavor? I'm always on the hunt for a certain flavor.. I had in Houston Texas, at a restaurant called Cafe 101 and they serve a dish called "Meat sauce over white rice with tea marinated egg." and it's this amazing minced pork, really saucy and almost like a gravy type consistency and over the white rice it's such a dream– but i can never find another person cooking it close to the Houston restaurant you come 80% closest to it, but i'm wondering if what i'm talking about is even the same thing? if you know, please let me know. the dish was mainly sweet and savory with more of a sweet flavor hint in it.

  16. it's funny to watch your own country's food made by some other country's Asian

  17. Franklin Jarit

    What i like about this channel is how promptly they replied to queries. Certain did not even bother to read comments from viewers. Btw, love all your recipes… Subscribed!

  18. If the pork it too watery, just crank up the heat until the consistency thickens and warps itself around the pork.

  19. Winnie Simon

    I had forgotten that my dark soy sauce is salty by itself and used the same 1/3 cup of it along with the light soy sauce. But it still tastes good! Im gonna try again next time with some adjustments!

  20. Winnie Simon

    Hi, is the white rice wine the same as huatiao?