Summer Dinners For Two

Summer Dinners For Two

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  1. ilham Golden rose

    That's really creative

  2. Izzat TheArtOfClassicIndonesia

    4:04 yeah i just finish a duo in PUBG and we get a chicken dinner😂😂

  3. moba việt nam

    Xàmlol video

  4. The woomen who did it is the best

  5. Shannon Yoon

    Who clicked this video bc of the ice cream??

  6. Shannon Yoon

    Nice yummy summer dinners

  7. killertrap fame 1000 gaming

    Tasty 😋 aye

  8. Perun Plague

    So many sad/depressing "i'm going to die alone" comments… Christ, its a cooking channel people, lighten up.

  9. GamerBoy6000

    whats the music name

  10. Clara Hippler

    This is basically a re-make of date night dinner videos by tasty

  11. Raphael Arnold

    guarantee pill behave deliver team inform kit near volume note.

  12. Suchart Boontid

    I watch this video and imagine I have someone to cook for. But since in reality I don't, I'm never gonna cook these. Grilled cheese is fancy enough for my single ass.

  13. So much sugar. Americans.

  14. The Queenorsomething

    Can we have a rabbit recipe? They're incredibly healthy and delicious. No cholesterol or fat is in rabbit. Healthy and delicious. 😋

  15. Mr triplestick

    Mean of you to assume that im not lonely.

  16. Why eat green beans when you're gonna wrap them in bacon and puff pastry lmao

  17. CheetahPlays

    Summer dinner, sees dessert in the thumbnail

  18. Lauren Cabrera

    Literally non of those were new recipes. You just took old videos and put new music over it didn’t even change the table setting scenes just lazy

  19. just a parrot

    Mmm in here is winter

  20. Steven saying "OH Yesss" gets me every time