#StayHome and Make 3-Ingredient Healthy Desserts #WithMe

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If you have a sweet tooth, then these easy 3-ingredient desserts are perfect for a guilt-free snack.

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  1. Blueflower L

    the camera likes his face

  2. Carmen Sternwood

    Where is the photo finish?

  3. The first one is the only “healthy” one… :-/ 8 eggs and a stick of butter? No thanks.

  4. Paul Jan Abrenica

    Salut Erwan,
    par rapport des cookies on peut changer sucre + des œufs par exemple des compotes? comme ça c'est un peu naturel? Merci!

  5. Perfect for my keto 😋. Thank u

  6. Jerome Llames

    Skill share is great.

  7. What a mess…not worth the hassle.

  8. Me watching this during corna lockdown because im bored hungry and i dont want to gain weight

  9. Thanks for making a gluten-free recipe.

  10. Ferda Sağır

    In Turkey we don’t have sweet potatoes, if I use normal one, could I get the same result?

  11. Charlotte G.

    We don't even get to see the final result …

  12. Ara Pangcoga

    They are both lucky to have each other

  13. in what universe is chocolate, butter and a bunch of eggs healthy

  14. Joshua Fowler

    Definitely going to try those cookies 🍪 need them in my life 🤤

  15. #stayhome … unintentional prediction?

  16. lavishhappyduck

    This is not healthy at all.

  17. Absolutely perfect for our stay@home fun times ! 😍

  18. Zenbeach Traveler

    love it how he sounds so chilled when talking

  19. I must join the choir of protests and object to the use of the word healthy for these recipes. Nut butters are high in fat and generally have a bad omega-6 to 3 ratio. Eggs are high in cholesterol and animal protein. Sugar… oh where shall I start with sugar? (sighs, eyes roll) Generally I'm able to find healthy ingredients to substitute for the bad ones that will still give the taste buds some gratification. I suggest you substitute mashed bananas for the nut butter (it also substitutes for oil, butter and sugar at times), a tablespoon of ground flax seed, with 1/4 cup added water if needed instead of each egg and dates soaked in very hot water, partly drained and blended into a paste instead of sugar- or you can use erythritol an antioxidant and healthy sugar substitute available on the internet . Use less cocoa powder; you'll get the same gratification with just a couple of of tablespoons and need less sweetener. Also adding pumpkin pie type spices to the sweet potatoes (cinnamon, ginger, allspice, clove,nutmeg, cardamon etc.) will enhance your delight and is a very healthy practice as is the use of all culinary spices.

  20. @Erwan sugar substitutes/sugar alcohols are available in the PH. Try all about baking.