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Sponge Rasgulla recipe,healthy Indian sweets recipes is simple and easy Bengali dessert recipes dishes ideas ideal for festivals such as diwali, dipawali, holi, rakhi dusshera. Rasugulla,roshagolla (cheese balls in sugar syrup) which is made with homemade cottage cheese (chenna, paneer). This easy desserts for kids is one of the perfect best Indian sweet/dessert made on occasion like wedding or festival. Serve this sweet dishes recipes indian chilled after refrigerating for 6 hours!
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Ingredients: Milk, sugar, vinegar or lemon, cardamom, water
Cookware: Pan with lid, spatula, muslin cloth, strainer, knife
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  1. Jaya Chhajta

    Superb too good

  2. Rosan Gurung

    liked it.

  3. I tried it but mine was not that pluffy!

  4. Your Crafty Sasha

    Thank you soooooo much
    by the way I am an bengali
    I really needed this
    let me prove that I am a be gal
    তোমাকে অনেক ধন্যবাদ
    আমি সত্যিই এই রেসিপি প্রয়োজন
    this means that
    thank you so much
    I really needed this recipe
    reply if any one of you are also bengali

  5. Lionel Rodrigues

    awesome u remind me of my x gf lol

  6. Jyoti Kapadia

    What can I do my rasgulle becom flat

  7. shamer nasim

    Loved it

  8. Manoranjan Hota

    Rasagola is an Odia sweet. It is being prepared for Lord Shree jagannath of Puri since last 700 years during Rath yatra.

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  10. ye to 6 the last me 5 kyo

  11. ye to 6 the last me 5 kyo

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  13. Hello!shall we remove paneer in the afternoon and prepare rasgoolas inthe evening or hasto do immediately

  14. I made those before but kids can't use the stove unfortunately, so the idea switched to the microwave. Unfortunately, I didn't have all of the ingredients. Bye

  15. Gauri Shahdadpuri

    I love it how you make

  16. Awesome…..👌
    We can make rasgulla with ready made paneer also
    Plz reply me

  17. I love to eat rasgulla  thankuuu very much sweet di <3

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