Spicy Salmon Fry, Indian Salmon recipe, Indian Fish Fry

How to make Salmon Fry using Indian flavors. Frying Salmon in tomato sauce made with onions, tomatoes, cumin seeds, mustard seeds, ginger- garlic paste and green chillies. Great Salmon recipe for fish lovers to be enjoyed with Aromatic Basmati Rice


  1. lexuscarrington

    I added some cinnamon and a pinch of nutmeg to marry the spices together. What a wonderful fast and easy dish. Very delicious. 

  2. lexuscarrington

    So delicious, I just made it. Thank you so much for sharing. I really appreciate it.

  3. Did you say mustard seeds??

  4. Looks good!! :)

  5. Shana Ballester

    I was looking for a quick, easy, and yummy way to prepare salmon.  Thank you for the post! I am going to try it tonight! :)

  6. This is a fish curry recipe not a fish fry which is dry without onions or tomatoes. 

  7. what the hell she is doing with fuckin India curry masala ???????? typical Indian put everything inside

  8. Never cook with long sleeves.

  9. quick one, is this recipe only for salmon or other fish as well. am tempted to try on tilapia.

  10. Pinky Racing

    Thank You

  11. Pon Thangarajah

    I think this utube presentation should be removed. Its awful to see someone with hair untied and clothes dangling over food. Really unhygienic.

  12. Are you in Norway?

  13. Not a great recipe…Te masala is not cooked properly! And grilling a salmon is the healthiest way to eat it..Not to be cooked like Sabzi ! 

  14. Thanks for sharing!!!! Made it last night and my family LOOOVVED it!!!

  15. For a minute there u lost some cooking time because I can tell u turned off or lowered your stove.


    Mouth watering, loved the recipieee.

  17. trendycat8718

    Loved the recipie, it was perfect! I also added some turmeric and fish masala.

  18. Kashifa Hasan

    That was the best salmon curry recipe. Thanks for the video since it give us both of the taste Indian and American..Once again thanks a lot..I cooked it and it was really tasty..

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