Spicy Cayenne Pork Spaghetti Sauce Recipe – Greg’s Kitchen

Spicy Cayenne Pork Spaghetti Sauce Recipe - Greg's Kitchen

Today I felt like something nice and spicy using my 3rd favourite meat, pork! So I decided to whip up some of my favourite Spicy Cayenne Pork Spaghetti Sauce, I hope you enjoy this Recipe, cooked with love, right here on Greg’s Kitchen!

500g pork mince
1 diced onion
1/2 teaspoon Basil
1/2 teaspoon Rosemary
1/2 teaspoon Thyme
a pinch on Cumin
1 teaspoon Cayenne pepper, (1/2 a teaspoon for the less adventurous)
1 tin tomatoes
1 jar your favourite pasta sauce
1/4 cup wine
2 anchovies
And remember folks, everything is optional!
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  1. Daniel Catallo

    The relationship between Canada and Mexico remains strong, in spite of Trump's best efforts. The flavours of our respective countries come together to create the perfect sauce: maple habanero sauce. I use it to make meat sauces for pasta. I start with the olive oil and anchovies. I'll put chili powder instead of cayenne. I'll use a bottle of pasatta (pureed tomato) with basil in it. Apart from that the recipe is almost similar.

  2. Heya Greg! Just finished making this, can't wait to try it when the missus gets home, keep up the great work, thanks!

  3. Hmmm, interesting. Is this a Greggo Special? If so, what cultural diet would you say it's based from, or would you consider it a fusion? You've got me curious enough to make it! My salivaries are voting YES! 🙂 Glad to see you back in the kitchen! My preference, since I rarely eat fast food. I gotta know what's goin' in it!

  4. myles obrien

    Love this guy

  5. your videos are still so awesome after all these years. looks delicious even tho it's simple. thanks for your hard work grego.

  6. kilbluff1985

    needs cheese you amateur

  7. What type/brand of pan is that. It seems to be really good!

  8. Hey Greg, can you review the hungry JACKS new vegan burger?

  9. John Lord Pio

    This is the new account of erlinda bioco and I miss this channel did you try halo halo from Philippines I freaking love that dessert pls try it love u greg

  10. The one time garlic didn’t add flavour to a dish. Vampires not happy with this video.

  11. Love the spicy stuff. Noticed a lot of aussies don't like chilli and hot stuff though, What's the deal?

  12. George Ballard

    that looks amazing. i am gonna have to try this one.

  13. Harlan Foster

    You should do the onions first n caramelize them down

  14. Greg! You have such an amazing personality and a great sense of humor! I love spicy food, this looks great!

  15. Michael McNeal


  16. I've got to make this, with less Cayenne of course Thank you, Greg

  17. great job greg!! nothing better than some pasta!!

  18. Yay over cooked pork mince

  19. AussieIceDragon PlayLists

    can you show us how to make chicken Alfredo plz?!?!? its sooooooooooooooo yummy but i dont know how to make it!
    also im new grego and i subbed instantly. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  20. Dat's whut's up

    Doesn't prepared Spaghetti sauce already have the ingredients you added?