Southern Fried Pork Chops – Pork Chop Recipe

Southern Fried Pork Chops, such a classic Southern and Soul Food delicacy! Crispy on the outside, moist and tender on the inside. These pork chops are double dipped in a perfectly seasoned flour and then fried to crispy golden brown perfection.

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  1. Brenda Waynick

    Too much oil! Otherwise, perfect

  2. unknown bogey

    I bet those chops would make one hell of a sandwich..Just watch out for the bone!!LOL

  3. samanthaohmy

    Looks delicious Larry! This would make a great pork chop sandwich 😋

  4. I tried this recipe, I doubled the spices and it rocks!

  5. One of my favorites too Larry, I love a good Chop. Well done Buddy.

  6. Valerie Sutton

    presentation very good, but those chops are not done.

  7. Bridgida Flores

    yum yum! thanks

  8. Kimberly Carey

    LOL! I laugh out loud, (seriously) every time you say… "I whip em like they stole my lunch money"… Bahahaha!!! 

  9. that looks absolutely amazing!!!! No you did not say anything about some butter beans!!!!!

  10. Spoon Fork Heart

    Your southern fried pork chop recipe looks great :-)

  11. I'll make some Fried Pork Chops like those the next time. 🙂 I'll use a cooling rack to drain any excess oil in order to get some crispiness. :)

  12. Green Bastard

    mmmmmmmmmm Pork Chops!!!!
    One of my favorites right there, Larry. I was raised on that. Try using some of that Bastard Rub in the flour without all of the other spices, it is Awesome. I use it regularly in my flour or bread crumb coatings.
    Rock On!!! GB

  13. B_FoodReviews

    nice, I like to make a sandwich out of my chops👍

  14. Larry, I'll take that for breakfast, lunch or dinner, looks great!..As for the pork sushi, That is the way I like it.. soft, moist and pink :)

  15. Another great, kick-ass recipe, Larry. Thanks for sharing.

  16. Wayne Eatman

    thanks them chops

  17. I make these but I place them on parchment paper and bake. I add a little melted butter but they turn out great. I do my chicken same way. but, nothing beats fried in lard. the way I had them when young.

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