Slow roasted pork shoulder – Recipe (India Specific)

Slow roasted pork shoulder - Recipe (India Specific)

7 hour slow roasted pulled pork with beer sauce:
2 kg Pork Shoulder (Whole)
2 large bottles beer
1 Tbs Red Chilly Powder, salt, pepper, sugar, coffee beans, chopped garlic
2 whole onions
Chunk of coal
Ghee for smoking
Vegetable oil

Hey guys, this is my first video recipe post. Will be coming out with more but this recipe is by far my favourite. Definitely give it a try.
I’ve tried to make the recipe as simple and the video as detailed as is possible. Everything i’ve used in the recipe can be found in most Indian households. I’ve tried to simulate the same smoky flavour and slow cooking from a bbq smoker with a normal domestic oven. Hope you guys like it.

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